Job Change


The most effective program to help professional women confidently land their next job.

This tailored program provides the step-by-step guidance, tools, and support you need to clarify your career goals, showcase your strengths, and launch a successful job search - all while navigating the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace.

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Before we tell you about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.

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Job Change Jumpstart is perfect for you if you're a professional woman who wants to:

Break free from feeling stuck in your current role and find a career that truly excites and fulfills you

Conduct a strategic, intentional job search that leads to better opportunities, not just another job

want to switch career paths and don't know how to get into a completely new industry or profession without direct experience

Conduct a strategic, intentional job search that leads to better opportunities, not just another job

Whether you...

Have hit the ceiling in your current role and know advancing requires a bold move

Dream of a work environment, schedule or salary that better aligns with your life

Want to pivot into a new industry or profession but aren't sure how to make the leap

Anticipate a layoff and want to proactively set yourself up for success

... Job Change Jumpstart will give you the roadmap and support to make it happen all in one proven toolkit.

By the end of this powerful program you will have...


Nailed down your need-to-haves & nice-to-haves

Uncover your true career needs and wants, ensuring you target the right opportunities from the start


Validated and articulated your relevant experience

Gain the confidence and language to position yourself as the candidate of choice, even in a new industry.


Develop a highly-effective resume

Showcase your unique strengths and experience in a way that resonates with your target employers.


Expertly crafted your search strategy

Know exactly where and how to find the best opportunities, maximizing your time and energy.


Designed your easy outreach plan

Build fruitful professional relationships and comfortably articulate your value to open doors.


Developed your self-promotion skills

Learn the practices of conveying your value and how to advocate for yourself effectively in a professional setting.

Hear it from others...

"They will work with you throughout the process and help you improve!

I can't say enough about how their process and personal nature kickstarted my career search after not having to look for a job for over a decade.

No matter where you are in the process. This is one call worth making!"

- Doug P., Coaching Client

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"They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they share with generosity and authenticity.

It was a great series, well-received by attendees."

- Kirsten N., Colorado Mountain College

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Take control of your career today with Job Change Jumpstart.



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